THe HISTORY of the Daily

In 1877, a monthly literary magazine entitled The Ariel launched at the University of Minnesota. The goal of the creators was to allow for student individuality, providing students with a forum to share information on the growth of the University of Minnesota. In 1900, The Ariel was renamed to the Minnesota Daily. By this time, the Daily had accumulated a significant body of alumni and gains more every year. The history of the Daily is vast, and this story continues for over 100 years. (We’re working to expand the known history of the Daily, stay tuned!)

The Minnesota Daily has covered events from women’s suffrage to campus riots, and we believe in the press’ power to bring about enormous change. The impact of the Daily on the University community and the students it employs is immense. The Daily provides invaluable experience and responsibility to students, and the knowledge gained through these roles remain close throughout their careers. Daily employees are the next generation of leaders in the media industry and beyond, our alumni association demonstrates this.

The Minnesota Daily Alumni Association has been dedicated to serving alumni and employees of the Daily for many years, promoting camaraderie and community. Now, the Minnesota Daily Alumni Association boldly seeks to do more, aspiring to promote a sense of ownership and stewardship of the Daily, providing the organization with lasting educational, social, and professional support.

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